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Web Support

Gesmer Updegrove LLP works extensively with clients who are creating and utilizing a wide range of Internet and e-commerce technologies. We also work with companies to web-enable their businesses and create the legal infrastructure for their Internet needs.

Under Agreement

We negotiate and structure e-commerce-specific contracts, including agreements for web design and development, web hosting, and Internet service providers. We also help clients craft and implement application service provider arrangements and auctions as well as website advertising contracts.

Tangled Web

Our attorneys have the specific expertise needed to advise clients on the wide range of laws and regulations relating to privacy, electronic signatures, and encryption and security.

Protect Yourself On-Line

We review and advise clients on infringement issues, including copying and posting of content. We protect our clients from Internet slander and libel and prevent dilution of the company's “branded” web presence.

Full Spectrum of Services

Given our strong technology background, we can surpass traditional law firms by participating in the implementation and management of key administrative and legal functions needed to maintain a coordinated family of web sites and a program of intellectual property protection, such as domain registration logistics. Our work with the Internet includes both large institutions in their use of web-enabled applications as well as small, Internet-related companies. 


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