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Need for Speed

Gesmer Updegrove LLP understands that speed and accuracy are essential in the medical device and health services industries.

Services to Meet Your Needs

We are skilled in providing the comprehensive services necessary to meet the rigorous and complex needs of medical device companies, suppliers, and service providers including bioinformatics and bio-medical systems integrators.

Approval and Compliance

Our attorneys can provide clients with a network of experienced contacts to facilitate FDA approvals. Our clients also benefit from our understanding of manufacturing issues, including adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and quality control issues. We are adept at navigating medical practice issues, licensing issues, and applicable law, including STARK laws and HIPAA. We have extensive experience in assisting medical marijuana clients establish operations, engage in corporate transactions and navigate the changing regulatory landscape.

Beyond Traditional Protection

Our understanding of the liability and risk management issues in medical device and health care fields can help companies seeking protection beyond traditional mechanisms of warranty disclaimers, disclaimers of damages, and overall liability caps. Our well-rounded background and comprehensive approach allows us to meet the objectives of the most diverse types of companies in the medical device, health care, bioinformatics, medical marijuana and other medical-related industries.


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