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Gesmer client Localvore arrives in Boston

Food lovers are now just a click and a deal away from discovering a truly authentic local food and beverage experience. Vermont-based tech startup Localvore just planted a flag here in Boston and promises to make it easy for consumers to find a restaurant or retailer that shares a love for local sourcing, community, and quality cuisine.

Localvore was founded five years ago Dan White, a Chicago native who moved to Vermont to start the company. The Localvore solution is about bringing together restaurants, farmers, producers and retailers that support local sourcing, their community, and quality cuisine with like-minded food lovers.

I recently spoke to the founder about their growing business and their new move into Boston.

“Localvore was founded with the purpose to accelerate and amplify consumer demand for restaurants, farmers, and producers that are working to restore our food systems and strengthen our local communities. Our ad-free directory allows consumers the ability to connect with these businesses with the ease of their fingertips, so that buying locally has never felt more accessible and affordable.”

First to serve up this Localvore Boston experience is Puritan & Company, a celebrated Cambridge farm-to-table destination. The famed restaurant proudly promotes its dedication to local farms and the community, and with Localvore, Puritan & Company will be able to reach even more consumers – both visitors and locals – with exclusive deals, news and events.

When businesses team up with Localvore, restaurants and retailers can select a nonprofit to dedicate a portion of their proceeds to the organization. Puritan & Company selected On The Rise, a resource for homeless and formerly homeless women.

“There are two important parts to the fabric of Puritan & Company: being a socially-conscious business, and showcasing the bounty of New England farms,” said owner Will Gilson. “As the son of a farmer, being mindful of our sourcing and giving back is the core of what we do. We are proud to align with Localvore and the On The Rise non-profit by offering a $20 for $40 with 5% per purchase donated to On The Rise.”

The real community connection that makes Localvore’s model unique isn’t the only thing that makes them different. What Localvore is doing is about truly innovating in local commerce. They are combining the best models of the past decade from what small businesses are doing with social media and other hyperlocal commerce technology companies, and packaging it up into one complete suite of self-service tools.

The team at Localvore believes their mission is of building value through technology and focus on their core values, is what will help local communities create economic sustainability, while growing their scaleable and exciting new business. There is a strong appetite for the kind of business that marries technology and sustainability. Let’s hope the Boston market takes a big bite into the local food movement with Localvore.