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Gesmer Updegrove sponsored the Owners’ Academy at the Exit Planning Exchange

How Leaders Lead when Succeeding or Failing with Their Succession Plan: A Market Basket Case Study

 “Acts of generosity can inspire genesis moments even from generational failures.” – Makoto Fujimura, On Becoming Generative

The media’s tune was fairly consistent, with a steady drumbeat of negative press as the Market Basket “debacle” unfolded in a very public way. The demonstration of employee loyalty made for compelling, unscripted drama, perfect for TV. But was it all an unavoidable loss, or is there more to learn from the story? Are there gems to be harvested from the generative nature of the employees and the ultimate success of Artie T?  Business successions are always a mighty feat. They don’t just happen, like a lot of things in life. Successions are hard won victories, taking years of attention and steadfast commitment.

At the October 14 Owners’ Academy event, we take a hard look at both of the Demoulas’ family stories in an attempt to help our owner attendees harvest the right lessons as they look toward their own succession.

Join us and learn from a panel rich with experience, including one of the leading media consultants on the Market Basket story, Thomas Davidow and Stuart Mathews who has been buying business and building leadership teams for decades.


Thomas Davidow, Founder and Principal, Thomas D. Davidow & Associates

Stuart Mathews, President, Metapoint Partners

Nicholas Brill, President of Brill Neumann Associates, Inc.