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Boston Business Journal Op/Ed: After the iPhone App Rush: the Future of Mobile Applications

by Andrew Updegrove

Apple Inc.’s iPhone App Store celebrates its first anniversary on July 8, and what a year it’s been — over 53,000 practical, fun and just plain strange bits of code available for free or cheap, and over 1 billion downloads so far. Meanwhile, Apple’s competitors scramble to woo independent software vendors in a desperate effort to catch up. With every platform vendor vying for their attention, the future of ISVs must be very bright indeed.

But is it? Maybe not. People and marketplaces, you see, don’t change quickly or easily, and when they do, the change is usually superficial — a fact that some in high tech try to ignore. Invest only in disruptive technologies, we are told. Come up with that game-changing killer app and people won’t be able to stay away.

But if apps are selling, you say, what’s my point?   Read the full article here.