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Technology Law Bulletin Spring 2008

Hannaford Data Breach May Trigger New Massachusetts Law by Joe Laferrera

On March 17, the Hannaford Brothers supermarket chain announced that “a novel and sophisticated attack” on computers associated with its point-of-sale checkout system, resulting in the theft of customers’ debit and credit card numbers. The company is aware of aware of 1800 cases of fraud resulting from the attack. This represents a high profile instance of an increasingly prevalent corporate malady: the data security breach. more…

MA Court Decision Introduces Dispute About Online Infringement by Joe Laferrera

For several years, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and record companies have attempted to protect the music industry by aggressively pursuing individuals who make copyrighted music freely available to others over the Internet. To thwart the illegal dissemination of copyrighted music, the RIAA has instituted thousands of lawsuits against people who have offered up music files to so-called peer-to-peer networks, where they can be downloaded for free. With some high profile exceptions, these lawsuits have been largely successful, leading to settlements or favorable verdicts in court. more…