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Technology Law Bulletin Summer 2007

Communications Decency Act’s Sage Harbor Broad But Bounded by Joe Laferrera

Ten years have passed since the Supreme Court struck down a portion of a then-new federal statute aimed at keeping the Internet clean. The Communications Decency Act (CDA), enacted in 1996 as the Internet was beginning to heat up commercially, was intended largely to protect children from the scourge of pornography and indecency. The Court decided that it painted with too broad (and vague) a brush, however, and invalidated the aspects of the law focused on policing content. more…

Supreme Court Changes Rules on Vertical Price Fixing by Lee Gesmer(excerpted from his blog at MassLawBlog.Com)

As recently as 1977 virtually all “vertical restraints” were per se illegal under the federal antitrust laws. This included “nonprice” restraints, which restrict the conditions under which firms may resell goods. An example might be a restriction on the locations from which a retailer may sell a manufacturer’s product.