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Real Estate/Condominium/ Construction Disputes


Representation for All
Gesmer Updegrove’s attorneys represent residential and commercial real estate owners, developers, architects, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and engineers. We prosecute and defend claims arising from the development of real property, including claims of defects, contract disputes, non-payment and other construction related disputes. We represent claims related to easement, eminent domain, adverse possession and disputed boundaries. We have experience initiating and mediating disputes arising between and against members of condominium associations.

Industry Knowledge
Our knowledge of the construction industry and local municipality rules and regulations adds to our comprehensive representation. We not only prosecute and defend in the Massachusetts Land Court and other state and federal courts, we also provide representation before local municipality and administrative agencies in judicial appeals related to zoning and planning.

For more information on our Real Estate/Condominium/Construction Dispute services, please contact Joe Laferrera.


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