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Client Success Stories – Nested Bean

The Nested Bean Journey

Manasi Gangan started her journey in a corporate environment, on track to become a software developer and later a product manager. Despite her enjoyment in the field, something was still missing… which she defined as her desire for making a wider impact.

“I wanted to create something that was of meaning, of value, of help, solving others’ problems. And that was the thought with which I left on maternity leave.”

During her pregnancy and the caring of her second son, the idea originated. The initial concept of Nested Bean came to fruition as she realized that by creating a lightly-weighted sleepwear product, she could benefit and help countless newborns and new parents who are sleep-deprived. Manasi soon found her purpose.

What Are Some Inspirations That Drive the Decisions at Nested Bean?

To Manasi, the inspiration comes from wanting to be a role model for the team surrounding her. One of her driving beliefs is that the safe way is not always the right way. She shared, “You have to take chances, and by taking chances and by putting everything that you’ve got behind it, by believing in something, you can actually make a difference.”

It’s her team that inspires her, because, at the end of the day, Manasi strives to create something that they can look at and say, “Well, if my mom could do it, I can too.”

Tell Us About Nested Bean’s Products

The concept of the products began before the recent interest in gravity blankets. Lightly weighted products were not in existence, at least in the mass market. Some were used in neonatal care and Manasi wanted to bring this use into the mainstream market. Manasi took the concept and applied better form and safer function.

What started as a single swaddle blanket, has grown into a line of over 10 different products, supporting children from birth to 24 months old. Manasi and her team have focused not only a functional design but also on quality and beauty.

What Does the Nested Bean Brand Mean to You?

Although it is presented in the form of products and sleepwear, what Nested Bean stands for is sleep wellness and sleep health.

Manasi explains “If we can be the advocates of that for a young family, and if our products can help these little babies and as a result, their own parents to get their healthy sleep, we would make an impact; a very positive impact.”

What Are Some Obstacles Nested Bean Has Faced, and How Did You Overcome Them?

The first phase of growth was the hardest for Manasi. Moving away from their old manufacturer to sustain continuous years of growth was one of the most pivotal moments in the growth of Nested Bean. While the transition was successful, it came with its own set of challenges. In just over a year, Nested Bean has grown from a team of 7 to a team of over 23 people.

Where Do You See Nested Bean 5 Years from Now?

Five years from now, Manasi sees Nested Bean being a lot more prevalent in the baby’s nursery than just sleepwear.

She continues, “What the baby wears is just one aspect of how Nested Bean can influence sleep patterns. But there are other ways, other products. So, we see ourselves in five years having made a lot more headway than just being limited to sleepwear, and we see ourselves having grown in multiple markets.”

What Is Some Advice You Can Offer to Other Entrepreneurs?

Understanding your customers and their habits, along with knowing wherever that customer finds it easiest to gain awareness about your brand is critical, Manasi explained. This has been critical to the growth of Nested Bean, especially establishing the right distribution and marketing channels.

How Is It Different as a Female Entrepreneur?

“I think that women lead with a nurturing mentality. Not just looking at myself, but also looking at some of the other industries that have women founders. There are women CEOs who had their own progression. And that comes from and especially if she has been a mother, I think it just comes from her new experiences as a mom,” Manasi shared.

Can You Share Some of The Advice That Nested Bean Has Received from Gesmer?

Manasi expresses, “All of it. In every aspect.” Nested Bean has received legal advice from Gesmer regarding corporate law, HR, patents, compliance, and taxes. For Manasi, every aspect of her business has received some form of advice from Gesmer.

“I would also have to say that Gesmer has been quite instrumental in us forming new friends and new partners because of how they offer networking opportunities. It all starts with Steve Snyder. He has been a great friend and always a great advocate. I trust the advice that our corporate lawyer, Peter Moldave, offers on problems that are big and small. Whenever I speak with Peter, I feel like, oh I think my IQ just went up.”

Why Go with Gesmer?

The biggest piece to the relationship with Gesmer is the comprehensiveness, she expresses.

“It’s a lot of advice under one hood and the good thing is that even though they have several specializations, they don’t skim the top. So, it seems like a single place to get all the legal advice that I would need to scale the business.”

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