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Gesmer Updegrove LLP is a dynamic, growing law firm which has been leading the way in the emerging company and information technology legal community since the firm’s founding in 1986.  We are currently a mid-size firm excited about our practice and the ever-evolving needs of our expanding client base. Since its inception, the firm has been committed to providing a full range of legal services to software, Internet and other emerging technology businesses and advising traditional businesses with respect to high technology issues.

Gesmer Updegrove provides a wide array of legal services ranging from corporate, M&A, licensing, litigation, tax and intellectual property, to compliance with federal and state employment law and regulations. With some of the most exciting Internet start-ups in the industry as clients, the firm enjoys regional and national prominence in the high technology arena.

Work Environment

Gesmer Updegrove truly is committed to balancing personal and professional obligations. Although we are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, the firm understands that attorneys have commitments outside of work. We do our best to help foster a flexible office environment where attorneys achieve a high level of professional satisfaction while in the office and also are able to enjoy their lives outside the firm.

Attorneys at the firm enjoy a strong sense of camaraderie and trust among their peers. Our firm culture fosters a collegial environment and does not focus on unrealistic expectations and demands.

Hours & Compensation

The firm offers salaries that are competitive with other mid-size Boston law firms and a benefits program equal to or better than those of larger firms in our area. Attorneys generally work between nine and ten hours per day. Hours do vary depending on the needs of clients and projects on which the attorney is involved. Complex business transactions, trials and other important deadlines sometimes require increased working hours. While the nature of our profession requires a high level of commitment, we believe that it is important for all of our attorneys to have interests outside of the office and to have time to pursue their personal goals.

Mentor Program

While Gesmer encourages the natural development of informal mentor relationships between partners and associates, Gesmer also uses a more formal mentoring program to foster these relationships and ensure that all associates, particularly new associates, have regular opportunities to meet with partners on a more informal basis. Associates meet with an assigned partner each month in an informal setting, providing the attorneys the opportunity to get to know one another better and enabling the associates to learn more about the firm. Partner assignments rotate regularly, which provides new associates with the opportunity to quickly develop relationships with multiple partners.

Professional Development

Holistic Growth at Gesmer – We Grow Success

As a firm, our mission is to provide quality legal services, extraordinary business advice and value-added services. For us to succeed, every member of our firm must succeed.

We provide continuous opportunities to grow professionally

  • ongoing one-on-one legal training and guidance is provided by Partners (unlike most firms, we have a 2:1 Partner to Associate ratio)
  • client interaction is constantly experienced, providing a legal perspective to be matched with an essential business perspective
  • building one’s own practice is as important as any other area of growth in a law firm. We encourage such growth by providing direct business development coaching, advice and guidance on proven marketing strategies and techniques to bring in new business and incentive programs to reward practice growth.

We believe this holistic approach helps to create professional and personal fulfillment and success.

Counseling & Referral Programs

Gesmer Updegrove offers access to free, confidential counseling services through an employee assistance program. This service is available to all of our employees and members of their immediate families. The counseling and referral service is available for help with personal problems, such as substance abuse, family difficulties, stress, financial and emotional issues. The EAP also offers referrals for childcare, elder care and adult services.

Bar Exam Fee and Bar memberships

The firm pays for the Massachusetts Bar Exam application fee and for the cost of the bar preparatory course for our new attorneys who are not members of the Massachusetts Bar. We also pay the membership dues for appropriate bar associations. The firm reimburses new associates for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam.

Other Benefits

Gesmer Updegrove offers exceptional health, dental, disability, long-term care and disability plans.  We offer Blue Cross Blue Shield health and dental plans.  The health plans are high deductible health plans and the firm contributes the full deductible amount. For both the health and dental plans, the firm pays 80% of the premium.  All contributions are taken pre-tax.  The firm offers dependent care deductions up to $5,000 and also offers pre-tax T-Pass, transportation and parking plans.

The firm provides life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, long and short-term disability group plans, long-term disability wrap plan and long-term care which are paid 100% by the firm. For attorneys, we offer 20 paid vacation days per year on an accrual basis as well as 12 paid holidays throughout each calendar year. The firm has a 401(k) plan and maintains a profit sharing plan as an additional component of the 401(k). The firm matches employee contributions to the 401(k ) plan at the rate of 25%, up to 3% of the employee’s salary.

The firm provides a highly competitive leave policy following birth or adoption.

Harassment Policy

Gesmer Updegrove is committed to providing a work environment that is free of illegal discrimination and harassment. Sexual harassment, as well as harassment on the basis of race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status, is unlawful. Harassment by anyone, whether at the work site, in the course of work assignments off site, at firm-sponsored social functions or elsewhere, or retaliation against anyone who complains about sexual harassment, will not be tolerated.

EEO Policy

Gesmer Updegrove is committed to maintaining a workplace that is welcoming and inclusive of people of any race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or gender expression, age, national origin, disability status, sexual orientation, veteran status or other identity or status that is protected by law. Accordingly, we maintain policies designed to ensure people of all such identities and statuses are treated equitably in all aspects of employment, including recruitment, hiring, and onboarding

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We care deeply about our mission to nurture, build and celebrate a culture of diversity and inclusion. The values in our work lives are no different than in our family lives. We will continue to create a thriving environment that values caring, respect, openness and excellence, where everyone belongs.

We have an active and engaged Diversity Committee, which you can read about here.

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