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Mayberry to New York City

It is easy to forget the Internet once had much in common with a small town where doors are left unlocked and strangers are always welcome inside for a cup of coffee.  With the Internet’s growth and success, people conducting business online now require not only virtual deadbolts, but sophisticated security systems, to protect their assets and their ability to access them.

Identifying the Risk…

It is no surprise, then, that a burgeoning industry has arisen dedicated to safeguarding information, particularly online assets.  Experts see the problem in terms of privacy (protecting sensitive information from disclosure), integrity (ensuring that information is accurate), and security (protecting systems from attacks, which may delete or inhibit data access).  Security may also involve physically safeguarding assets (for instance, through video surveillance or sophisticated alarm systems), and developing expertise to deal with attacks once they have occurred.

…and Addressing It.

Gesmer Updegrove clients have addressed security needs from every angle.  Gesmer clients maintain many of the world’s most important security standards, including those used to protect virtually every credit card transaction in the world.  They invent novel security systems that communicate through their own wireless networks independent of the Internet, and they create software used to enhance video for forensic purposes.  In short, Gesmer clients know how to mitigate risk for their customers.  And with its world-class consortium practice, licensing expertise, and ability to fundamentally understand the high tech companies and products that drive the privacy and security industry, Gesmer knows how to reduce risk for its clients.


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