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Location Matters

The New England area is fortunate to have a well-developed infrastructure of venture capital and angel investors available to support new ventures. Those funding sources have been one of the major drivers of new business generation in the region.

Representing VCs and Angels

Gesmer Updegrove LLP represents a number of venture capital firms and angel investor groups on a regular basis, providing the type of cost effective, rapid due diligence and transactional services that facilitate an efficient closing and a successful investment. Our partner, Bill Contente, is the Chairman of the Board of Launchpad Venture Group.

Ties that Bind

The firm recognizes that obtaining third party financing is vital to the success of most such ventures, and therefore maintains strong, ongoing ties to the angel, venture capital and banking communities. Over 250 venture capital firms, and many hundreds of angel investors have invested in our clients in recent years.

How Many?

Since its inception, Gesmer Updegrove LLP has represented more than 2,000 emerging companies, and is taking on new entrepreneurial ventures all of the time.

Pleased to Meet You

The firm regularly introduces its clients to the venture capital funds and angel investors that provide the funds needed to enable successful growth.


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