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2013 New England Super Lawyers

In November, a distinguished group of legal professionals from the New England area received the  prestigious accolade 2013 New England Super Lawyers for their outstanding contributions to the field. Recognized by Law & Politics and Boston Magazine, these individuals were honored with titles that underscored their expertise, dedication, and impact within their respective domains.

Among those celebrated as 2013 New England Super Lawyers were Bill Contente, Tom Durkin, Lee Gesmer, Sean Gilligan, Peter Moldave, Sarah Richmond, and Andrew Updegrove. Each of these individuals demonstrated exceptional skill and leadership in their legal practices, earning them a well-deserved place among the region’s top legal professionals. Their recognition not only highlights their personal achievements but also underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality legal services and contributing positively to the legal community.

Additionally, Adrienne Johns and Peter Stecher were acknowledged as 2013 Massachusetts Rising Stars. This designation is reserved for promising young attorneys who have shown exceptional ability and potential early in their careers. Adrienne Johns and Peter Stecher’s inclusion as Rising Stars signifies their dedication to excellence and their potential to make significant contributions to the legal profession in Massachusetts and beyond.

The awards reflect not only individual excellence but also the firm’s commitment to maintaining a standard of legal excellence and client service that distinguishes them in the competitive legal landscape of New England. These honors serve as a testament to the firm’s ongoing commitment to providing top-tier legal services and leadership in their respective fields.

As leaders in their practice areas, these attorneys continue to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics while serving their clients with diligence and expertise. Their recognition as Super Lawyers and Rising Stars is a reflection of their peers’ respect and admiration for their accomplishments, making them integral members of the legal community in New England.

For more information about the firm and its award-winning attorneys, please visit [Firm’s Website] to learn more about their achievements and contributions to the legal profession.