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Client Advisory – IRS Overhauls Audit Rules and DMCA Deadline for Registering an Agent is Coming Up

This Client Advisory is a two-for-one. The first part of the client advisory addresses the new audit rules for partnerships and limited liability companies established by the IRS. Clients should review this advisory to familiarize themselves with these tax-related changes to ensure compliance, to determine whether to opt out of this new regime, and to consider whether to amend their operating agreements.

The second half of the Client Advisory contains a remainder about the upcoming deadline under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for registering an agent. The deadline is discussed in this advisory, or clients can refer to our November 2016 Client Advisory for a more detailed discussion.

We hope you find these client advisories helpful and informative. We encourage you to contact Aaron Kriss for more information about tax-related matters, or reach out to Lee Gesmer and Joe Laferrera for information about copyright and related intellectual property issues.