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Is My New Hire an Independent Contractor?

some workers are classified as “independent contractors” and are not entitled to all of the statutory protections and requirements applicable to employees.

When Does ADR Make Sense?

Not infrequently, businesses find themselves enmeshed in disputes that cannot be resolved through informal negotiation. Those disputes can always be litigated in the courts, but the path to resolution is …

When Do I Need A Litigator?

as at a party a few years back and struck up a conversation with the general counsel of a medium-sized privately held company. The discussion eventually turned to my practice: …

Executive Orders on Vaccinations

On September 9, 2021, President Biden announced two executive orders which mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for certain employees.

Shareholder Disputes: Causes and Solutions

Your company may have one, two, twelve, or a thousand shareholders. No matter the number, shareholders dictate the direction of the company by majority consensus. When things are going well, …