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Something in Common 

Our strong technology background at Gesmer Updegrove LLP allows us to better understand and provide for the specific technology needs of companies developing, deploying, or using state of the art computer and electronic hardware.


Our experience with software and internet industries allows us to structure the most appropriate and comprehensive arrangements that take all computing capability into account, such as service level agreements. For example, our Hardware clients often benefit from our experience in structuring and adapting warranty, disclaimer, and licensing arrangements.

Looking to Expand? 

We also advise and represent clients in their international sales, partnership, and expansion efforts. Similarly, given our active engagement in the high-tech industry, we often provide the additional benefit of supplying referrals when our clients expand nationally or internationally.

Innovative Clients 

Our clients include companies of all sizes, specializing in all forms of computer and electronic products and hardware, focused on innovative and groundbreakin


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