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From Thought to Finish

As you move your ideas and innovations from concept to commercialization, we’ll provide the know-how and guidance you require throughout the patent process. Our experience spans 40+ years and is drawn from work with inventors, entrepreneurs, private and public companies, venture capital firms and leading educational/research institutions. Count on us at each step from patentability considerations, to what and how to file, patent prosecution, litigation and dispute resolution.  Let us help you leverage your patent IP through licensing, joint ventures and other ways to make your ideas more valuable. 

Attorney Scientists

Gesmer Updegrove lawyers are not practicing scientists, but we understand science in practice. Most of our patent professionals have degrees in both law and various technologies, including electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. We have worked extensively in industries like computer hardware, software, telecom, medical/health and others. This experience allows us to come up to speed quickly on your business, your issues and your goals. Expect our time and your money to be spent on resolving the issue or capitalizing on the opportunity.

Thousands of Patents

Our patent professionals are responsible for thousands of issued patents covering a myriad of technologies. Click here to see the patents we have successfully prosecuted to issuance for our clients.

Business Sensibility

Among business people, lawyers have earned a reputation as ungrounded problem spotters who are often viewed as part of the business problem instead of part of the solution. Against those broad perceptions of our industry, Gesmer Updegrove takes pride in being, well, un-lawyer-like. Clients say we think and act like entrepreneurs. We see the business context of the law. We aim to help clients make and implement smart decisions and achieve optimal outcomes with an approach that makes the most business sense.  


For more information about our patent practice, please contact Matt Connors.


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