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Building and Maintaining a Strong Identity

A strong brand identity is one of the most powerful, revenue-generating tools available to a high tech company. Gesmer Updegrove LLP helps build that strong identity by advising clients on the proper use, maintenance, and enforcement of trademarks as part of their integrated intellectual property portfolio.

Getting Started

We will help you establish a strong trademark portfolio beginning with comprehensive searches which may reveal potentially competing or conflicting marks. We provide registration and docketing services with federal and international filings, and will advise as to proper use and management of your trademarks.

Maximizing Value

We will advise you as to the best way to gain the most value from your registered marks. We also identify unregistered marks, evaluating relative strength and probable scope. We provide recommendations for or against registration, based on current use of the mark, danger of misappropriation, and the potential value of a registration in the event of infringement.

Internet and Domain Names

We are skilled in conducting website audits including in-depth trademark analysis. We evaluate “trade dress” and copyright analysis concerning the “look and feel” of a company's website. We can also advise clients on techniques for policing outside parties, including the use of databases and services to identify the posting of infringing marks and registration of confusingly similar domain names.

Protection of Your Brand Identity

Our Trademark Practice provides businesses with the appropriate resources and mechanisms to monitor and protect their brand identity. We offer channels for enforcement and help our clients maximize their legal options in the event of litigation. If businesses find their trademarks compromised, our Litigation Practice is experienced in efficiently and cost-effectively resolving trademark issues.


For more information on our Trademark Practice, please contact Matt Connors.


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